Told you so.

Here's an unattractive admission: I told you so.

Years ago when I started the work I'm doing it was a lonely business. Saying that eating disorders are a mental illness and not a metaphor or choice was shocking. Saying parents are an important asset in recovery was unwelcome. Saying that eating disorders were an enduring feature of human history and not an indictment of society's latest mistakes didn't make me any friends, either.

So allow me a brief moment of unflattering pleasure to know that it is no longer rare to see a media report that debunks old myths and offers real science. Although the media and advocacy world of eating disorders remains laced with older and damaging messages I am heartened by the rapidly rising number of solid references for parents seeking information, and for media stories that don't have to be winced at. Thank you to the reporters and media sources who are doing good stories and asking good questions. I am deeply grateful for the professionals and researchers like the ones quoted in this story for building careers around providing families and patients truly helpful and optimistic care:

"Allow us to be parents again."

Which is, by the way, all I wanted.


  1. Glad to see this kind of coverage in the media. Information about positive steps parents can take is a breath of fresh air.


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