Boats and trousers

I am sitting here loving my family so much. My brother got married earlier this month and I got a new sister. My daughter was in the groom's party, my niece and mother and uncles all sang, another of my mothers cooked a feast, my fathers both spoke, Grandmother presided, my son serenaded, my brothers danced, my husband and I twirled... and we all cried until our faces hurt, between laughing fits.

There aren't that many opportunities to bring so many loved ones together - especially ours that is so spread out. It was an extended moment of celebration and love and knitting of bonds.

Thank you, Erik and Megan, for making family family - with such tender and joyous attention.

And deep gratitude to my whole extended, diverse, well-distributed, dancing family - and our NEW family by way of the lovely, wise, and welcomed sister, Megan.


  1. What a sweet tribute to your family. I miss my family a great deal, having moved away last year. Weddings and other celebrations have become even more special.

  2. :)

    (That's my shortest comment ever on your blog... I'm really happy for you and your family Laura!)


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