Parents Act Now: An Anorexia Prevention Program for Parents

I've blogged on this before but wanted to remind parents of this program:

Parents Act Now: An Anorexia Prevention Program for Parents
Stanford University Eating Disorders Program James Lock, MD, Ph.D. & C. Barr Taylor, MD

Stanford University is conducting a research study examining the effectiveness and acceptability of an online parent-training program to help prevent and/or overcome Anorexia Nervosa.

Who Can Participate?

Parents of girls aged 11-16 years who have the following warning signs:

* Failed to gain expected weight or have stopped growing

* Excessively concerned about body shape and weight

* Family history of an eating disorder

* Perfectionistic

* Diagnosed with an eating disorder within the past six months

The Program: Parents Act Now

* 6-week online program

* Family-Based Treatment approach

* Includes education about eating disorders, coaching on how to take action to address disordered eating and exercise behaviors, and skills training

* Incorporates online quizzes, feedback, and tools to track progress

* Features video clips of eating disorder experts, parents, and teens

How Can I Participate?

If you are interested in participating, or would like further information, contact Megan Jones, Psy.D., at (650) 723-9696 or or visit:


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