Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky-tacky...*

There is plenty of literature out there on eating disorders, but only more recently has good science been applied. It's still early days on cause, treatment, and even definition.

Meanwhile, we need to at least try to think outside the box of just eating disorder lit, like this: Utah scientist makes breakthrough in mental illness research

Thinking outside the box, from my Salzburg PowerPoint:

And what boxes parents might look into if we don't get enough good information from our clinical teams:

*Title from a song I loved when I was a kid in California. Don' t listen if you are prone to earworms or do real estate development!


  1. Could you make your powerpoint available on the FEAST site?

    By the way, that eating disorder box looks empty to me, are you sure that someone didn't sneak away all the knowledge and science while we weren't looking?

  2. This is a fascinating discovery. Bone marrow transplants just aren't safe enough to use in humans yet. I hope they find a way to fix the immune cells without a full transplant.

  3. Been too busy this week to finish narrating the full PowerPoint but hope to get that done this week!


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