Guest blog: "each other's specialist fields"

A guest blog post from my friend, Charlotte, on the different roles of parents and others on the treatment team:

"Sometimes I like to think of this concept by using an analogy.

Physics and I don't mix - we never have done and I doubt we ever will. I would no more expect to teach my (daughters) physics than I would expect their physics teacher to treat my d's an(orexia).

However, we do cross over in that I encourage d in her physics homework to work out what the answers are and not let her throw it across the room shouting "This is IMPOSSIBLE". At the same time her physics teacher keeps a gentle eye out for my d to see that she is well, behaving and participating fully in school life (including eating lunch)."

We can't do each other's jobs but we can coax and encourage d in each other's specialist fields, whilst looking out for the health and welfare of the same person."


  1. I found my daughter's physics teacher to be one of the best in looking out for her too - wonder what it is about the subject?


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