Blogjam updates: Parenting and EDs

Parenting a Child With an Eating Disorder requires "patience, tenacity, and courage" in an article F.E.A.S.T. media list helped out with.

When I was reading What Should You Expect from an Eating Disorder Provider? I found myself realizing what I don't expect: these kind of really good questions coming FROM a provider. I don't say this as a reflectively negative assessment of providers (something I have been accused of). I say this because providers are generally caught up in doing their job of providing the best care, not marketing themselves or protecting parents from other less introspective providers. I am delighted to see this "put ourselves in their place" post!

Can caring make you sick? - Spoiler: duh!

We need to get to the point where this is intuitive rather than surprising: "differences in disordered eating predicted later differences in parent-child conflict rather than the reverse"

Phone home, honey. Social vocalizations can release oxytocin in humans "children comforted solely by their mother's voice"

"Therapists for years have listened to patients blame parents for their problems. Now there is growing interest in the other side of the story: What about the suffering of parents who are estranged from their adult children?" A terribly common problem for families where the eating disorder does not remit or the treatment causes estrangement.

If only this were explained to more parents: "What mattered most to participants was not whether they had experienced restriction of freedom or choice, but the nature of their relationships with parents and mental health professionals." in a piece on coercion and compulsory treatment.


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