Blogjam catch-up: Treatment

Unnamed eating disorders may go untreated because "no clear treatment guidelines for EDNOS. There can't be."

Bone Marrow Transplant Stops Mouse Version of OCD "bone marrow transplants are too risky to be commonly used against, for example, OCD. Rather, a fuller understanding of the immune system-mental illness connection should produce new treatments." And HERE in another story (thank you, Wendy!).

A New Drug That Decreases Anxiety And Stabilizes Mood?

It may be time redefine "aggressive refeeding."

We absolutely need Predictors of menstrual resumption: "baseline serum cortisol level was a predictor of the prolonged inhibition of menstrual recovery."

And more: Metanephrines, GH, cortisol may predict severe, short-term outcome in women with anorexia nervosa - "specific medical care independently of BMI"

Neuroscience and eating disorders: the role of the medial temporal lobe


  1. I'm so glad you and others post these types of links. I saw the article about the "new med that might decrease anxiety and stabilize mood." I'm bipolar and anorexic and sent that article to my psych. He's going to ask around about it and we may try it in the future. Who knows? Some new drug might work for anorexia and there isn't enough testing being done. I was on a short trial of Abilify and it gave me tremendous relief in my e/d obsessions. It was close to miraculous. Unfortunately, I had some intolerable side effects and my doctor had to take me off it. But I still keep waiting and hoping that one day something will help turn off that e/d voice in my head. Keep posting this stuff, please! It's valuable information.

  2. I'm delighted to hear this. The Internet is such a great opportunity for us all to share information and stay informed, isn't it!


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