Treating eating disorder must involve entire family -

The world is changing. I cannot tell you what relief and joy it gives me to see the ideas I hold dear increasingly discussed in the media and no longer couched in cautions and "controversial" and "limited."

The world is becoming a far better and safer and more effective place for families facing this illness. Thank you, Marguerite Kelly, for helping families get good information!

Family Almanac: Treating daughter's eating disorder must involve entire family


  1. It is SO NICE to see up-to-date info about effective treatment for eating disorders in the Washington Post. The old-school thinking must be abandoned. We now know that they are not a choice, that they are not caused by parents, and that most doctors think they are biologically based.

  2. I wish my parents could read this...I know I'm in my mid-twenties now but I still wish I could involve them and my brother to make it better for all of us.

  3. great AND hopeful article. thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. I wish my parents could read it too.......

  5. Anonymous, and Anonymous,

    Could you print it out and send it "anonymously" to your parents?

    Is there someone in your life who you could send it to and have them give it to your parents?

    There are also anonymous email forwarding methods out there.

    You would be surprised at how relieved your parents might be to have something concrete to help with. Your illness may be tricking your mind into believing your parents would take it wrong - you never know!!

  6. Wonderful article except she left out another important book, "Eating with Your Anorexic" :)


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