Provocative Guests

I was interviewed today on CBS radio on the Dom Giordano show. They promise "provocative guests" and I guess I was it this afternoon.**

I'm not sure who was provoked, but suffice it to say he and I did not agree. His topic was whether the First Lady was right to bring up her children's weight. My topic was "focus on health and not weight." Neither of us changed topics or answers.

Dom thought the only reason to stop framing health measures as "obesity" measures was a P.C. attempt to avoid hurting feelings. My reason is that it doesn't work and isn't necessary and it causes harm.

Here's hoping that someone in Philadelphia heard my message.

**Bill Cosby, Ron Paul, John Stossel, Liz Cheney, Arlen Specter, Michael Vick.... Laura Collins


  1. and what is wrong with the avoidance of hurt feelings?

    it seems that if you're overweight, your feelings don't count.

    i will not accept that health or wellness will not work. do we not love our children enough to be more concerned with their health than their weight? this is too sad for me to accept.

    instead of a war on childhood obesity, let's have some peace!

  2. All this war on obesity talk. Makes me think of "collateral damage" or "friendly fire." You're right, shame and fear do not motivate positive healthy behaviors. In our zeal to "eradicate" obesity, we are doing more harm than good. Our kids are hearing hurtful, harmful messages that will not make them more healthy or happy. The next generation will be the collateral damage as we forget the message of health, learning to eat in a balanced, nurturing way, learning to incorporate exercise into our lives in a fun and sustainable way. ALL kids need to hear an affirming health message that is intrinsically rewarding. This does all make me so sad, and motivates me to continue my work. I am doing my first parent feeding workshop to help parents raise their children in a positive, healthy, nurturing, science based approach when they are worried about their kids' weight (either rightly or wrongly.)


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