Muscles and Pounds Fuel

What shocks me about this is that it shocks people:

New Muscles and Pounds Fuel Tanith Belbin’s Ice Dancing

What surprises me in a good way is that this article makes a distinction between "eating disorder" and "disordered eating." I really wish everyone would. They are not the same thing, and conflating them leads to all manner of weak thinking out there about causes and treatment. Disordered eating is unhealthy and way too common. An eating disorder, however, is a mental illness. Yes, disordered eating can trigger an underlying eating disorder, and disordered eating serves to maintain the eating disorder, but they are not the same thing.


  1. thanks for this. I've been looking for a good way to explain disordered eating, and this is a nice example. I teach parents how to feed children, and I believe that a healthy feeding relationship greatly lessens the chances of raising a disordered eater. I can only hope that perhaps with a little less dieting and disordered eating going on there might be fewer triggers for eating disorders. I can hope...


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