Interview at ABC News posted today!!

Yesterday was quite a day. I corresponded with White House staff, and was interviewed by ABC news.

Did Michelle Obama Send the Wrong Message With Obesity Comments?

Thank you, ABC, and Huma Khan, for allowing me to speak up for so many who really wanted that message to get out there.


  1. Loved what you said in your interview, Laura. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog "Fear--It's So Yesterday" (

    While your comments were great, I noticed that the article wrapped up with canned and unfounded claims by the CDC related to the "obesity epidemic" (i.e. "BMI blah, blah blah," "blacks and Hispanics are dangerously fat blah, blah, blah"...).

    When I feel frustrated about how far we have to go regarding the whole body-size obsession issue, I remember that it took us a century to get here--even more since weight discrimination and neurosis has long plagued affluent societies like ours. So, I've got to appreciate the strides we make due in no small part to outspoken health-sanity advocates like you.

    Here's another plug for Paul Campos' book, The Obesity Myth--Why America's Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health. I think it should be recommended reading in all high schools or even middle schools.

  2. Yay! Thanks Laura, what would we do without you!


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