Details, not the whole

Read this once just for what it says:
Body dysmorphic disorder patients see details, not whole face

Then re-read it replacing BDD with ED and face with body.

Both times you can skip the sentence about not being the same as EDs because of eating behaviors - that's either a misquote or a misunderstanding of EDs.

The second time note they are looking for subjects with both conditions for further research.

For the paper referred to in the story: ABSTRACT


  1. Thanks for sharing this. This is really interesting to me because this is exactly how I perceive my body--as malformed bits and pieces. I'll focus obsessively on one part of my body for weeks because it looks abnormally large to me when taken by itself. I can't see it in context. Only occasionally will I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or window and have a kind of out-of-body moment where I see myself as a whole, the way the rest of the world must see me. It's always good to know that this is a symptom of ED not just something crazy I came up with alone.


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