Why Psychologists Reject Science

Well, if you haven't already joined the conversation, you may want to. Lots of people in my bubble of the twitblogadvocatesphere are reading and commenting about Why Psychologists Reject Science. The comments section alone is worth the trip.

Adding to the discussion, Psychotherapy Brown Bag (a great read always) has thrown this in about the role of the therapeutic alliance. **

It gives me happy chills that we even HAVE this conversation. I'm a big fan of therapy: think every baby shower should come with coupons for Play Therapy and we should swap out Algebra for Mindfulness 101 and marriage certificates should include the cost of an on- call Marriage Counselor. I think the world would be a better place if we all would engage in therapy at least as often as we get our hair cut and car washed, and some of my best friends are therapists.

But my good feelings about therapy are matched with my concern about BAD therapy. Therapy based on antiquated and damaging ideas. Therapy provided by people who are themselves unwell. Therapy done according to politics or fashion or good intentions uninformed by current research.

For all the good that can come of a person or family coming together in therapy to address problems - and I have personally experienced so much good in a therapist's office - there are potentially tragic risks as well.

Good for those who are really discussing how evidence and empirical knowledge can inform the art of therapy. Shame on those who find even the conversation unacceptable.

**P.S. Adding this: Shrinking the Shrinks


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