Want to help other families? Here's a free and simple way: there are so many books out there, it can be daunting to choose. If you've read a book about eating disorders that helped:

Review it or add it to the list on the F.E.A.S.T. site.

Another important place to write reviews is on the site. These reviews really do matter to buyers, and are widely distributed.

One quirk of Amazon is that you can't write reviews for a book if you didn't buy it AT Amazon. For that reason I can't review my all-time favorite book for parents: "My Kid Is Back" by June Alexander. I highly recommend this book, and ask you as a favor, if you have bought it there and found it useful, go review it: My Kid is Back.


  1. Laura,

    I was able to write a review for MKIB (I didn't submit it, but I got to that screen) and I didn't buy it from Amazon. I know several people who have reviewed my book on Amazon who have bought it elsewhere as well. You may very well have to have an account at Amazon, but they've never confirmed that I've bought the book I'm reviewing.

  2. Right you are! I went in last night again and tried it again and it worked!

  3. I review stuff all the time at Amazon that I borrowed from the library. It's to their benefit to have as many positive reviews up as possible.


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