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My friend, Stephanie, has some wonderful rejoinders to add to the ones I gave in an earlier post:

1. Your child is suffering from a serious, life threatening illness and although very willful while under the influence of it needs you to take over where he/she is unable to make effective decisions.
2. Although ED will hate the steps that you take to fight it and protect your child, he/she will thank you in the in long run for saving their life.
3. Maudsley is A LOT more then trying to make someone eat. Besides, we live and learn from past trials and errors.
4. You know that the ED will impede him from "wanting" to eat. He does not have to want to eat, he just needs to eat. Effectiveness is doing what is needed in a situation, it does not entail liking, wanting, etc.
5. If your current treatment providers are not on board and supporting use of evidence based and effective treatment then it's time to shop for new providers. You and your child deserve the best treatment possible. Research demonstrates that Maudsley is the treatment of choice for individuals with eating disorders under the age of 18.
6. Any eating disorder is bad enough. Research demonstrates the best prognosis is associated with early intervention, shorter duration of illness, comprehensive treatment, continuum of care and full weight and nutritional restoration.
7. There is no such thing as too serious. If inpatient/residential treatment is needed for medical stabilization prior to outpatient treatment it is still essential for parental/family involvement in treatment. A comprehensive plan is essential for continuum of care following discharge.
8. No one told me about it. This is very unfortunate but now you know so please go to to get more information, resources and support in conjunction with an individualized and comprehensive treatment team. You and your child deserve the best treatment possible!


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