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Some of the best minds in eating disorder research AND treatment are at it again:

Review Provides New Insights into the Causes of Anorexia

I wish every parent could get information like this early on. It would make such a big difference in how they regard the food, the thoughts, and the context.

I wish every parent could also hear the thing one stops hearing much when a kid has an eating disorder: something nice about our beloved child! There are positives and strengths and assets in the makeup of people vulnerable to this condition - and recovery is the way to allow our child and his or her talents to emerge and thrive.


  1. Fascinating stuff and yes, it is unusual to come across people who appreciate the qualities of our loved ones even while they are ill - that's why my daughter and I adored her doctor because she actually appeared to like us.

    She may agree with me that she doesn't quite fit the "profile" of AN here and may have rather different circuitry abnormalities but it's brilliant that people like Kaye (and there are now many more of them than there used to be) are working on these important factors and trying to bring genuine help to sufferers.

  2. A very interesting article and very full and unbiased.

    More of these would be fab, Laura.

    Thank you


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