"helping the siblings of people with eating disorders"

Siblings suffer so much when a family member is ill. Want to help?

Eating disorder work needs funds


  1. Thank you for pointing me to that - I really should have got that from nearer home!!!, but as long as I've got it now...

    Off to see what we can do here, I've a dream that this might be JUST the cause our latest fund raising effort needs to raise the impetus to raise funds rather than just have a good time.

  2. Hi,
    My middle sister is 14 months younger than me and I have watched her systematically attempt to starve herself to death for 17 years.
    I just wanted to say that nobody really acknowledges what siblings suffer with this hideous illness. There's a lot of support for parents, and for the anorexics themselves, but the siblings get minimum input and are rarely heard.
    It has been agony.



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