"how she helped herself make sense of it all"

There are a lot of books out there with old, misguided ideas about eating disorders and parents - some of them even by parents. It saddens me to think of parents new to the diagnosis who read and believe them, but I'm not into book burning so I'm putting my hopes on the newer narratives and books with new science and thinking. I look forward to parent voices that are fierce and loving, not penitent and guilty.

Another one for THAT bookshelf, by my friend Amanda:
Son's battle worth writing home about

Congratulations, Riche! Congratulations, Amanda, and the smart publishers who I hope will be on your doorstep bidding for a contract!


  1. thanks Laura,

    fancy that, she lives in the same town and I get to read about her on your blog from the other side of the world. LOL
    I knew she was writing a book but haven't seen her for awhile. The Byron Bay Writers Festival is a reputable world wide affair. I suggested to June Alexander that she contact the organizers to see if she could run a workshop or promote her book.

  2. Isn't the Internet grand? I don't have any idea what we did before we had it.

    I'm so happy for Amanda and hopeful! Good idea on that for June, too.

  3. I remember what I did back in 1999 before the internet was so ubiquitous and easy to use. I haunted bookstores and libraries. I told everyone I knew about my daughter's ED and hoped someone would have some valuable info for me. I depended very heavily on my D's mental and physical health care providers. They were well meaning, and my D wasn't at death's door most of the time, but she never recovered either, changing from one ED to another. I MUCH prefer how we can find so much information at the touch of our fingertips these days. We can find news about evidence-based treatments as soon as that evidence comes out, and we can get valuable support from other parents "on the ground" in dealing with EDs.


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