"anorexia is as biological as autism"

A mention of F.E.A.S.T. in Time Magazine today:
A Genetic Link Between Anorexia and Autism?

I really think we're going to learn a great deal about both autism and anorexia by these lines of research and thinking. Finally we are moving off the antiquated ideas and getting to techniques that actually help.

The parents of autistic children had to cause a ruckus to get the ball rolling. We've got to do that, to, not just building on those successes but finding allies and common goals with groups working on autism, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, neurological illnesses, endocrine and digestive diseases - everywhere there might be clues.


  1. Congrats, Laura, on being a part of such a great article in such a well-known and well-regarded publication! This will help tremendously in getting the message out there that there is a type of treatment that evidence has shown to be successful in very good percentages, and that such recovery can often be achieved without long, expensive residential treatment or hospitalizations, which many people cannot afford or don't have the insurance for anyway. I feel such hope that much suffering, by both those with EDs and their families, can be avoided in the future when more people become aware of this kind of treatment.

  2. The old jalopy of old school thinking is finally running out of gas and I hear the tires screeching and the fender falling off.( clunk clunk). Call the tow truck. It's time to get on board with evidence based current research. Maudsley saves lives.

    Our children do not have time to sit on the couch while the therapists pry and pry for the reasons "why". They are slowly shrinking and cannot reason, they need food and they need it now.

    Great Article!

  3. Another wonderful step to combine what currently works with new research to take 'what works' to a whole new level(s).
    Such theories are one part of what the FREED Act will make more research-access-ready through opportunities like the Centers of Excellence.
    Laura --great suggestion re: working with other groups. The Eating Disorders Coalition believes in collaboration and is working with groups such as Autism Speaks and The Endocrine Society, as well as such orgs. as APA, MHLG, and many more. We seek to further our collaborations through Lobby Day where we spread use individual voices to spread a collective word about ED, the need for ED research, education and prevention, and accessible and effective treatment. We DO need more and more parents, sufferers, carers of all kinds, treatment providers, etc. to come forward for Lobby Day! We acknowledge what a daunting task it can be to find a) time away to come to DC b) money to spend on a trip vs perhaps spending that money on a trip to the nutritionist c) be open about a disease that has carried so much stigma for so long, so we appreciate all the efforts of those who come to Loby Day. We hope that by announcing September Lobby Day (2009) early, people have time enough to plan in advance and lessen any burdens of coming to lobby. I have found that any 'burdens' of getting to DC will be greatly lessened or erased once a person uses their voice on the Hill, especially in using their voice to encourage the passage of FREED! ~ If any of your readers are interested in coming to Lobby Day: www.eatingdisorderscoalition.org

    peace and gratitude to you, Laura, for publishing another thought-provoking post. ~K

  4. Another really interesting area of causal-research is what Dr. Alexander Sackeyfio is supposing and examining: that disorders of the gut can lead to ED. Through mal-absorption of serotonin, etc., the body develops a physical ED response, which then takes over in the mind.

    I also wonder about older forms of fertility drugs and their effect.

    I remember a prominent ED doctor saying that rather than fearing treating eating disorders, doctors should consider them a "dream disease" to treat...because the causes and effects are so interesting and complex. That's for sure!

  5. Freed,

    I theorize the malabsorption and gut-brain link for my daughter. Will look into the doctor you mention..thanks

  6. i haven't been able to access the article yet and look forward to doing so. I do hope that such research leads to treatment options on the ground for more people. I'm a little concerned that practice will lag well behind theory. Thanks to people like janet treasure there is at least some drive for treatments for adults with eating disorders locally to me. There is nothing for those with autism

  7. The behaviour discussed could very well be linked to low BMI.
    Look at these links for an alternative view:




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