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A Death at Age 19 Leaves a Family Struggling to Understand an Eating Disorder

"Researchers have now 'figured out that it's very important to include the family, but that was not a concept then. If anything, it was the total opposite,' Barbara remembers."

And how many lives were ruined or lost or families destroyed before they "figured" it out?

And sadder still: how many clinicians have not yet got that message? Honestly: the answer is: most. Most of the eating disorder treatment that exists RIGHT NOW is still treating the family as penitent chauffeurs and check-writers. Finding clinicians who are trained or even familiar with Family-Based Maudsley therapy is still futile in most communities.

The Siskin family has generously offered their story to help others hear the urgency and the suffering of this illness. We must hear them.


  1. Laura, I just read this article and it absolutely broke my heart! How many years these parents were taking their daughter to therapists, doctors, etc, and hoping for a "miracle" cure, when they could have taken matters into their own hands and treated her in a family setting, at home? How many of these therapists/doctors told them to "keep their hands off"? How devastating to think this young life could have been saved, and how many more out there?? I just hope and pray that the treatment providers are reading this and taking seriously the need for re-training. It's up to us to make them aware of home-based treatment - I know, as I've had several sessions with all of my daughter's treament providers regarding basic home-based therapy. My heart goes out to the Siskin family, and hope they continue to share their story and make people aware of the devastating consequences of bulemia.

  2. This makes me so sad and also so angry at this disease. It makes it's victims feels so broken and distorts the thinking. It also causes physical damage that can stop the organs from working, including the heart. Sadly this can happen to parents who are fully involved as it can with parents with who are unaware. This is one sneaky disease and cares not who is trying to support the person.
    May she be at rest and her family find peace.


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