Correlation or causation?

Is it correlation or causation that all this good stuff on eating disorders and brain function come out the same week?

Neural Correlates of Impaired Cognitive-Behavioral Flexibility in Anorexia Nervosa

Neural correlates of alexithymia

and Mental body distance comparison: A tool


  1. I don't know and will have to read the articles to find out, but I was thinking about correlation and causation too today. When I pointed out that all four women featured in a recent documentary here lived in places I have lived in, my dear mother commented "o then YOU must have caused it" - I suspect that I should feel flattered that she knew I was mentally healthy enough to know that this was a joke! Of course, if I hadn't have been, I could always have blamed all my problems on my mother!

  2. A dad I know recently related to me that his wife used to tap dance as well - and immediately said "Now we know what causes eating disorders."

    A sense of humor is the best sign I know of mental healthiness!

  3. Fascinating stuff. It looks like the frontoparietal section of the brain is trying to compensate for other regions of the brain that are not functioning (there appears to be quiet a large section of the brain that is not working properly!).
    I would love to see a study of "nutritionally stable and recovered patients" included in a trial, alongside the control group and those still "suffering" to see if brain functioning has improved or returned to normal after restoration of nutritional health.
    ... and with "cognitive supervision", or promoting, patients demonstrate an "effortful" attempt to achieve normality? Hmm, isn't that what parents are trying achieve when they emotionally coach their loved one? I remember sitting down with our d and observing other peoples reactions and discussing what we thought we saw.
    Thanks L.

  4. You solved it, Laura! My mom was an avid ballet dancer when she was younger, though physical grace was not something I inherited (I was voted class klutz after lighting my hand on fire in chem lab senior year!).

    But there's still my other favorite "c" word: coincidence?


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