Blogging for the Huffington Post

I'm delighted to report that I'm now blogging for the Huffington post!

She's Anorexic, and You're a Bad Mother: "I was told in 2002 to stop feeding my child."

Do me a favor and go on over there and read and comment? And tell your friends and your mother and spam your entire email list.

I'm trying to bring the cause of parent activism and eating disorders to the mainstream here - but I need your help!


  1. excellent article although as someone who still feels that she was told she was a bad mother because she couldn't re-feed her child without help I'm not going to confuse things by commenting on the site. Good luck with the blog though.

  2. M, I don't give a fig if you want to support the blog. But it grieves me to think you'd feel anything I say about FBT is a critique of families who don't choose it or don't find success with it or DIDN'T GET APPROPRIATE HELP WITH. Nothing could be further from my thoughts. The idea here is to make sure our kids get the "medicine" they need in whatever way possible. Never, EVER to critique the situations where that isn't best to do at home. Families need MORE support, MORE options, MORE understanding of the issues. Difficult situations don't confuse things, they clarify them!

  3. Whoever had the gall to call YOU a bad mother was simply wrong. I wish you'd throw that back on THEM and refuse to think it has anything to do with you.

  4. Great article, Laura. I know just from talking to people that misconceptions about eating disorders run rampant. I always hear, "It's about control." And it is still commonly believed that to cure the illness, more control needs to be given to the patient. It is so hard to change people's minds on this issue. You are doing one hell of a job!

  5. Thanks Laura- So important you are doing this. And good comment in the New York TImes as well-


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