Lobby Day 2009

If you are in the US, and you care about eating disorder research, treatment, and education: please consider joining me and an enthusiastic group of citizens for Lobby Day 2009, April 1-2 in Washington DC!

The Eating Disorder Coalition makes Lobby Day easy, meaningful, and effective. Participants work in teams, receive training, and there is an opportunity to meet many other like-minded activists for improved government attention to eating disorders.

Join us!


  1. I participated last year in Lobby Day, and will be there again this time. It was a rewarding and inspirational experience. Also fun and easy!
    We met with staff representatives for Congresspersons and Senators and described our personal experiences with eating disorders. All were receptive to our message and encouraged what we were doing. I cannot wait to do it again this year, especially since a new eating disorders bill was introduced in the House of Representatives last month.
    No prior experience with lobbying or politics is required. Just a couple days of your time. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!


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