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What book should parents read first to understand eating disorders and support a loved one's recovery?

The F.E.A.S.T. site now offers a book review section, and a way for you to rate books you've read with just a click. It's anonymous (if you wish) and quick.

The book you got the most out of isn't listed? Submit it! There's a form for that on the page as well.

And yes, my book is on that list - my mother recommends it highly! (And I'd be honored if you read it, but my top vote is always for the "Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder" - it is the one book I think all parents need first and most, for patients of all ages.)


  1. Laura,

    I think instead of a single book, compiling a notebook with a list of 4-5 books you have found most helpful, plus a set of THE most important, to the point articles you have read is ideal. I prefaced this all with a personal letter about why I was doing this and a bit about our personal experience. Then I've given it to a number of places--doctor's offices, libraries, school guidance offices. I think this personal approach is a good outreach idea. And, yes, I included the names of the best doctors and researchers as well as the maudsleyparents and eatingwith...web sites. Everything I would have wanted, all in one package. A gift. It took some time, but it wasn't that hard to do.

  2. I love that personal touch. You never know who will get that message in a bottle - that kind helping hand.

    What a beautiful way to heal and help others!


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