Join me for lunch on Monday?

In the first of what will, I hope, be a series of online radio shows, I invite you to join me online tomorrow** for:

Lunch with F.E.A.S.T. on BlogTalkRadio.

Tune in at noon, New York Time, to help us test run this format. We'll take questions, talk about FEAST, and eat our lunch (or breakfast or dinner or snack depending on where you are). It is "potluck" so bring something yummy.

Future shows will feature some of F.E.A.S.T.'s Advisory Panel, Parent Council, and experts in the ED world. We also hope to offer support chats at various times of day so families around the world can join us at convenient times.

This is Internet radio, so you can listen online in real time. It will also be archived for download later to listen at your leisure. If you would like to call in to join the conversation, use the number on the website. It is a toll call to the New York region - but you can also call using your computer: follow the instructions on the site. My advice: use a microphone and earphones if you have them - your audio and voice will be clearer.

**Monday my time will already be Tuesday for my friends on the other side of the earth.


  1. Sounds cool. I'll have to tune in.

  2. Will the archives be available as podcasts through iTunes, or do we download them directly from the BlogTalkRadio site?

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great!

  3. I believe the mp3 will be available on the site, and you can subscribe to them like blog posts.


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