CNS Response

A company called CNS Response has entered the ED treatment world, rationalizing medical treatment with the use of EEG:

CNS Response Provides Review of an Eating Disorder Poster

I've long hoped for better biomarkers and rationalization of all mental health care, and I'm glad to see it happening. As Sharon Begley said last year in "Putting Brains on the Couch" in Newsweek:

"psychiatry could stand to be dragged into … well, let’s start with the 20th century."


  1. Laura,

    I read that, too. My qualms with the study was that the researchers did not appear to show whether these improvements could be attributed to refeeding and treatment alone. It's a good start, and I'd definitely like to see more of this, but that was my main question.

  2. Agreed - I'd love to see the whole text.

  3. That's interesting this was posted now, I blogged about it way back in May. Anyway, I have a link in my blog post to the actual poster if you're interested in seeing that.

    While it's true the authors did not talk about refeeding, I think this was a fairly preliminary study. I'm sure more will be looked at in the future, but I really liked the aspect of looking at personalized medicine to help those with eds and depression.


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