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It cracks me up that to illustrate a story on science you show a glamorous picture of a scientist... thinking!

But with this story - Parents’ Genes Are in Competition - the alternative was probably a graphic of two parents scowling at one another and there's plenty enough of THAT when a mental health crisis hits the family.

Interesting theory on brain disorders. We need lots of new ideas, throwing out of old, testing of theory.
When my daughter was a kid we used to quote Mrs. Frizzle from Magic Schoolbus: "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!" Actually, we still do. Little did I know we were practicing CBT for anxiety.


  1. I did wonder why, if there are two researchers collaborating on this, they only showed a picture of one of them. Is the other one ugly, or heaven forbid, fat? Having read further I learn that, although he might be both, he's in London and this guy is in the US which is why they can't be shown together - although it must mean that the guy in the picture spends a lot more time with computers and IT scientific equipment rather than the attractive test tubes he's pictured with.
    On a more serious note it looks like very interesting research and so good for the scientists to recognise that they may be wrong in their assumptions but still come up with something useful during the process.

  2. ooops - he's from Canada not the US. Still, the same principles apply.


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