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I love connecting people!

Helping parents find each other, find good clinicians to work with, find information, and help others. I love knowing that when reporters contact me looking for families to interview, or researchers are looking for families for studies, I have a network of willing participants. Between the 1000+ mailing list I've developed over five years of networking, the readers of my blog, the membership of F.E.A.S.T., the readers of Around The Dinner Table - I feel like a librarian for a precious collection of wise and caring resources.
The New York Times was looking for patients and family members a few months ago for an interesting series on patients of various types. I put out the call through our Speaker's list and the response was great. The Patient Voices - Eating Disorders includes several in the F.E.A.S.T. community, and others I've had the honor to meet. As we get a diversity of voices out there, the public face of eating disorders will change.

THANK YOU to those who participated. Thank you to Karen Barrow for what interviewees described as "sensitivity" and "professionalism."

Thank you SO MUCH!


  1. Hey Laura,

    Put me on that speaker's list of yours!

    And thank you for helping put all of this together- it was really great.


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