Lest we forget what we're dealing with

I think it is important that we know what we're dealing with in the manipulations of the body that we mistakenly call "sport:"

Weight-class issues keep Carano from reaching top

I'm not against athletics, but just as the word "healthy" is so often misused in practice, we should not allow athletics a pass or special permission to punish and abuse the bodies doing them. When the cheering ends, there is a person who has the rest of her or his life to live.


  1. i'm a recovering anorexic and bulimic. congratulations to you for being such a supportive and loving mother. i am so happy that your daughter is doing so well. not to, in any way, sound negative, but -- just in case relapse occurs (and i pray it doesn't) know that it is NORMAL, and we can get right back on track. take good care of you and your daughter

  2. Melissa,

    How kind of you to reach out so warmly!

    I'm wishing you a safe journey to recovery.



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