That'll fix 'em!

It flabbergasts me that people think you can legislate an illness away.

Quebec considering voluntary charter against anorexia, minister says


  1. Rather than effecting anything of much substance toward helping people with eating disorders, such a charter or similar "legislation" almost makes *having* an eating disorder feel like a crime.

    If governments are going to set sights on anorexia as a public-health issue, then efforts would be better focused on funding, research, insurance coverage and reform, community support and programs, and treatment.

  2. I wonder what the big excuse governments will come up with when there is no 'thin preaching fashion industry' making us wicked wicked children get eating disorders.
    I sincerely wish there we're more people like you in the higher ups to make people listen to what works instead of what sounds like it might maybe make sense.

  3. As stupid as some things people do "against eating disorders" - I'm an optimist - I believe the tide is turning toward a better understanding of the illness and therefore better treatment.

  4. I think the legislation against super-thin models is a great idea, not because it will decrease eating disorder rates, but because it will force the fashion industry to no longer mandate illness (anorexia) as an employment qualification. It's a matter of worker rights.


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