Let me bring your wisdom and recipes to the NEDA conference

Hello all,

I'm going to the NEDA conference in September and I would very much like to bring you all with me. Here's how I propose to do it: I want to bring a cookbook of recipes.

I'm thinking of two kinds of recipes: the food kind, and the recipes for recovery. On this forum many families have shared their tips for foods they served during recovery - but also their tips for recovery.

Please help me!

Go to this new page at FEAST and fill out the form there with your recipes. They can be your family's story, or your family's recipe for muffins, or your list of tips. You can list your favorite additions to oatmeal, your mantras for coping, or your list of supports.

We'll put them in the recipe book we'll have on the FEAST exhibition table at NEDA, and we'll create an online version for parents to use.

Share your wisdom, your traditions, your tastes!

With gratitude,


  1. This is an awesome idea Laura - I can't wait to see it!


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