I blame it on my mom

Parents don't cause eating disorders, but my mother did make me an activist. My parents are life-long social justice/peace/civil rights activists who recently retired from their jobs to do their activism full time. So now you know where I get it from.

My mother is a delegate for Iowa at the Democratic Convention this week - I'm driving myself crazy looking for her and dad on the convention floor every night on TV.

Here's to mom, here's to being part of the solution, here's to believing it matters.


  1. My mother is my inspiration and my hero - which made all those "it's a mother-daughter thing" comments about my anorexia even harder. I know, however, that my recovery and the person I am today would not have been possible without her.

    And she was an activist, too! Back in the day when her school sports teams got no respect, she had the gumption to stand up to the athletic director and demand practice time on the baseball diamond.

  2. I blame my loud mouth on my dad - and to think had things turned out differently (he was almost adopted by his American relatives) he could have been at Iowa with your mom.

  3. my mother's help saved my life! here's to moms!


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