Brain yoga

People are talking about: a study comparing treatment retention between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Cognitive Remediation Therapy for the treatment of anorexia nervosa.

For more information on CRT, this paper is very dry but great explanation of the four forms of cognitive inflexibility - also addresses the neurobiological reasons this inflexibility could occur, and how therapy works to build functional flexibility. Brain yoga, really.

My favorite line: "experts tend to be more cognitive inflexible"

And on the topic of other innovative ideas in ED treatment, you may be interested in getting DIRT-y with Danger Ideation Reduction Therapy. Danger Ideation Reduction Therapy.


  1. I have a suspicion I may be a little bit dense, but I don't really understand what this is. Are they saying that anorexic's brains don't adapt well to changes and new things?

  2. In a way. I believe the idea is that we all fall on a spectrum of cognitive flexibility and attention to detail and ability to "set shift."

    People who have suffered from anorexia do have different brain function - whether cause or effect is still debated.

    These qualities are assets in some situations and not in others. And the lack of these qualities also has up and down sides!


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