Exponential improvement in treatment

OK, radical statement alert:

The video's title is about chronic eating disorder recovery but the statement in question has to do with the direction of treatment in the future.

"The solutions will be interventions with the brain."

Remember in The Jeffersons when the maid looked at the African American family and their wealthy African American friends and said "Did we overcome and nobody told me?"

When did we go from it being controversial and unproven to call an eating disorder a brain disease to it just is?


  1. Pat yourself on the back, Laura. Your (and so many other families' and researchers') efforts are starting to pay off.

    I had meant to watch that video earlier this week, but my laptop was hiccuping. I'll have to give it a looky-looky.

  2. I'm really glad that more attention is being given to the biology of the brain. But it's kind of disappointing that Craig Johnson in the video mentions only psychopharmacology. Food has also been shown to have profound, and beneficial, effects on the brain. I'd like to see more research on that. Unfortunately, it's not going to be funded by Big Pharma.

  3. Ironic, isn't it? That we call it an eating disorder but still consider eating optional in the treatment.


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