Light a candle for Rachel

Anorexia took Rachel at nine years old. Her mother would be comforted if parents would join her around the world in lighting a candle on the first anniversary of this great loss: Thursday, June 5.

Her mother's words.

For a thread on the Around the Dinner Table forum.


  1. I couldn't open "her mother's words" on either Firefox or Safari.

  2. Yipes, you're right. I fixed it - THANK YOU!

  3. What a tragic story. Losing a child in any situation is difficult, but I feel that losing one due to an ED must be filled with even more struggles. Thank you for posting a link and letting readers know about the candle remembrance.

  4. Thank you for posting this- I will light a candle in her honor, too.

    It's a painful reminder of how deadly eating disorders are, and how much we should treasure those around us.


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