Ceased to exist as a person

"I've ceased to exist as a person."

I'm an exhausted caregiver on the point of collapse

Different situation, same exhaustion.

If you are caring for a person recovering from an eating disorder you cannot just be getting by - you need all the respite, support, and resources as someone caring for a patient with cancer or recovering from a grave injury.

Call in the troops, call in all the IOUs, all the "if there is ever" "can I help" "would it help if I..." Be specific. Be proud that you are modelling for your children what to do in an emergency: get help.

Don't let pride, inertia, or fear of stigma get in the way of asking for what you need and want. Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend going through the same thing.

And consider these tools for creating a support network for your family:


  1. The King's College at London's psychiatric institute is in search of volunteers for a web-based support package geared at caregivers of people with anorexia. The study is based in England, but they assure me that since it's internet-based, folks across the pond can participate, too.

    More information and a contact person can be found here. If anyone does participate in it, please let us know if it is effective or not.

  2. I have participated in it, although I didn't get the administration quite right and didn't get the telephone support which was a pity (I think I got put in a different cohort than I was originally intended for). It isn't a panacea, but it IS good, and helpful. The best part for ME has been to make me (ever so slightly) better at coping with the professionals and our relationship with them. If any one is interested in it I'd say go for it - you will not only be helping yourself but others as well.


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