The size of the trigger or the speed of the bullet?

If dieting of any kind can trigger an eating disorder does it matter why you dieted?

Everyone else is * you feel fat * dieting makes you cooler, edgier * dieting is an adult activity * you are trying to be healthy * you were sexually abused and are disconnected with your body * your coach thinks it will make you faster * your doctor told you to * your mother paid you $50 to lose ten pounds * a magazine told you how * you heard a fat joke on the radio * you are afraid of being old and frumpy * someone teased you about your baby fat * you are taller and bigger than your peers * Wolf whistle triggered Charmaine's tragic decline * you started growing earlier than your peers * your whole family is fat and you want to avoid that destiny * you want to control something in your chaotic life * you don’t mean to diet, you just aren’t hungry * you’ve been ill, and you have no appetite * you don’t have time to eat

If you have a genetic/biological predisposition to react to dietary restriction (or too much exercise) with a self-perpetuating cycle of restriction then I don’t think it matters why you started. You’ll get an eating disorder no matter why you started pushing away the plate.

The majority of people who get eating disorders just went on a diet, not knowing a trap door was under his or her feet.

An eating disorder is not a sign of deep wounds, but some people do have deep wounds, and it makes recovery harder. You shouldn’t need to have an eating disorder to get help and healing for trauma or abuse. You didn’t deserve to be bullied, teased, excluded, ill, or told that your main value in life is your appearance. None of us should have to live in a world where “you lost weight” is a compliment and “I’m so fat” is an appeal for friendship.

But ED doesn't care why you didn't eat enough. He was waiting there in your DNA for any chance to have at you. And he'll use any excuse to keep you there.


  1. I hope you don't mind, but I've linked to this and another of your posts (the one about family therapy) in my blog.

  2. I am so honored to be mentioned in your blog - and have prepared a blog post to tell people about your blog and the video, which made me cry!

    I so respect your work to be well, your work to share the process, your ability with film, and your contagious smile. And boy do I want to learn juggling now!


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