I'm all over the map, but just south of neurotic

Some fascinating people have made some fascinating maps of personality types that may interest you.

Where do all the neurotics live?

Turns out I live just north of agreeable and conscientiousness. I used to love living right in the middle of neurotic, but these days I'm sadly not as open to experience.


  1. Is this like those teachers who told me that the kids with birthday's in the later half of the year were MORE CREATIVE and therefore needed to be retained a year. Cause that just about made me neurotic at the time. Oh, that's right. I'm smack dab in the middle of Neuroticville. (sounds almost sexy)
    Just a warning...some folks outside the zone have been seen herding into our area and I know some of our more certifiable folks may have escaped. And Laura, didn't you originate from Neuroticville?

  2. My picture MAY be on the currency of Neuroticville, but since I chilled out they sent me out of town on a rail!

  3. Yes, that's your picture on the now collectible $5.00 bill from when you were queen here in the NE.
    If only it was all that easy. They could just neuter us kooks and make sure we don't reproduce and put us all in cages,where we belong. I know I feel much safer under lock and key.
    I have a feeling that we have bag of mixed nuts here and everywhere else just to make life interesting. Stereotypes like this are sorta funny. Are we funnier here? How's our wit? And did they segregate us Yankees or is there a touch of the south we are smelling up in that study?

  4. "Interestingly, America's psychogeography lines up reasonably well with its economic geography. Greater Chicago is a center for extroverts and also a leading center for sales professionals. The Midwest, long a center for the manufacturing industry, has a prevalence of conscientious types who work well in a structured, rule-driven environment. The South, and particularly the I-75 corridor, where so much Japanese and German car manufacturing is located, is dominated by agreeable and conscientious types who are both dutiful and work well in teams."

    Wow! How convient that the psychogeography also coincides with the regional sterotypes! Isn't that a gas..bag-full-o-*cough* *cough* *s#%@*! Whoop, excuse me, I'm allergic to a lot of the CRAP around at this time of the year. Can someone pass a Puffs?

  5. Irish,

    I'll pass some hand sanitizer with it- you are living in Neuroticville, too. :)

    No, I grew up in the conscientous Midwest. Which I guess is true, but it wouldn't be the first adjective I'd use to describe me.


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