Lobby Day Update

Plans for the April 10 Lobby Day in Washington are going well. Scores of citizens from around the country have signed up to participate, and teams have been formed by state. Each team will have 4-5 appointments for each citizen to tell their story. The goal is to gather sponsors for FREED by letting Senators and Representatives know on a personal level what better insurance coverage, better coordination of research, better collection of statistics, and better education for clinicians would mean.

Each one of us that gets to these appointments is seen as representing many more who could not be there. So each participant really matters.

There's still time to register. And if finances are low, some very generous parents have donated funds for this purpose! If you need a place to stay, let me know.

FEAST, our new parent coalition, is sponsoring the food for Lobby Day participants at training on Wednesday and breakfast on Thursday. What could be more appropriate than for parents to feed people?

Two parents who wish to be anonymous sent donations to support Lobby Day and FEAST. One sent a $1,000 check. Another, from Australia, sent almost $200. I want to extend sincere gratitude to you both, for your support of fellow parents and for the Eating Disorders Coalition.

I also want to say thank you to the many kind, wonderful parents who have sent donations large and small since October (a total of over $1,000) to support the Forum. And the family who sent $7,500, and let me send it back until I have an organization in place to receive such an amazing gift. Your support, financial and moral, all of you, is what has created FEAST.

The Eating Disorders Coalition has extended sincere thanks to FEAST for helping out with Lobby Day. It takes a team approach to address an eating disorder. It also takes a team effort to change the way eating disorders are treated - FEAST - and you - are now part of that team.


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