Regulation of psychotherapy

Why is this such a shocking idea?

Psychotherapy In UK Should Be Subject To Rigorous Regulation Just Like Drug Treatments, Say Academics


  1. I don't think it IS a shocking idea to many although coming from where it does it may well provoke the reaction "well they WOULD say that wouldn't they". My only criticism of it would be that I don't think many PATIENTS DO know how to report an adverse drug reaction, but they'll probably all do the right thing in the end by telling their GP (eventually, I'm going to have to do it for my blessed younger daughter who keeps forgetting to tell hers) and the GP has to put it on the medical records. It's fairly straightforward to do so and there are literally hundreds of read codes to choose from when reporting an adverse drug reaction. My favourite so far is TJD12 (adverse reaction to castor oil - does anyone have a positive reaction to it?). I'm now busy inventing one for "adverse reaction to family therapy" and I'm going to see if I can have it put on my whole family's medical records ;-)

  2. Well said Marcella...


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