It's worth it

A parent on the "Around the Dinner Table" online forum writes: It's worth it.

For the parents who are in the thick of the fight, and think you can't last another day of being on constant guard, in a constant struggle of doing the harder right over the easier wrong. I have been where you are now and it does get better, and it is worth every sleepless night, every night I slept on the couch so d could sleep in the room with w, and I could monitor d if she got up
in the middle of the night for any reason, every argument over food, every meal that was gulped, every cut of the eyes, every "I hate You". They are all worth the struggle to save your child or loved one!

Remember you are fighting the disease not your child or loved one."


  1. Damn straight! Keep on keeping on!

    It's definitely not easy, but so worth the struggle to get to the other side and move towards full recovery and healing!

    Stay strong!

  2. oooops! That supportive rant was from me- hit the send button too soon.



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