"Don't you miss pneumonia?"

I have been an admirer of the Kartini Clinic in Portland, Oregon, for some time. Kartini takes a no-nonsense, full nutrition, Freud-free attitude toward eating disorder treatment.

Unsparing toward the medical ravages of EDs, Kartini doesn't just invite families -- they REQUIRE families to be part of the treatment.

Dr. Julie O'Toole, founder and director of Kartini's multidisciplinary team, comes at the issue as an adolescent medicine doctor - and has taken some heat for her view of EDs as brain illness. Years before it became acceptable to say so, O'Toole was speaking up to say this disease is noone's fault and noone's choice.

O'Toole now has a blog, and in the first three entries she covers a lot of ground, including an answer to the question of "Why we do research at Kartini Clinic, which includes something a fellow physician asked her: "Don’t you miss pneumonia?"


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